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The Tram has become a keystone in the Sustainable Mobility Plan promoted by Zaragoza Council. Intermodality with the various means of transport allows users to reach anywhere in the city quickly, comfortably and efficiently while respecting the environment.

There is total complicity between the Zaragoza Tram and the city bus lines (belonging to the Autobuses Urbanos de Zaragoza company). Both means of transport use the same cards, have the same price and, if you have the Citizen or Bus Card (‘Tarjeta Ciudadana’ or ‘Tarjeta Bus’), you can transfer from one to the other for a period of 1 hour. Single and return journeys on the same line are not considered to be transfers...

When you use the Zaragoza Tram after having taken the city bus - or vice versa - it is necessary to validate your card again. The cost of the trip is not deducted. All the information about routes and timetables for bus lines can be consult on the Avanza Zaragoza web page.

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